Author name: Thecia Ellis

Piglet Watch

I could be really wrong, but it looks like my Idaho pasture pig, Daisy is very pregnant. The problem is, I never saw Oscar Mayer “do the deed” to know when to expect piglets. This is my first time with pigs in the first place and certainly my first time with a true prospect of

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I understand that I am sixty years old and will not be able to maintain the level of activity that I’d like to forever. But I plan to do it for as long as I can. God has a way of reminding me on occasion that He is the one in charge; not me.I have

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New Year; New Site

It has been an exciting past few months and changes keep coming. I say “bring them on!”After changing the name of my main YouTube channel from Ellis Family Farms to Grandma’s Homestead, I realized that my website (I’ll bet most of you didn’t even know I had a website!) also needed some dramatic changes.Unfortunately, my

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Birthday Week

Kinzie, the granddaughter we are raising, turned sixteen Thursday. You know how it goes though. We were busy on her actual birthday, family members wanted to take her to dinner another day, and her party was on still another. That’s fine. She deserves it. My heart squeezes in my chest a little though to think

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