The Sun Came Out

We had several days of cloudy, drizzly weather with the highs frequently in the sixties. Yesterday, the temperature climbed to ninety degrees. I have to admit that I didn’t mind it. I’d rather sweat a little than be cold. I was reminded that I need to keep a closer eye on my pigs as Daisy proceeded to dump over her water barrel so she could have a wallow to cool off in.

My granddaughter, Kinzie, put together the Greenstalk planter that I bought last fall. We didn’t have enough plants to fill it completely out so two tiers are missing, but it really looks nice.

The bottom tier has flowers we picked up at the school plant sale along with the strawberries in the middle tier. The top is a mix of herbs I picked up at Stillwater Milling feed store and the parsley I had overwintered inside. I admire the planter every time I walk past it. I do not have an affiliate link to the Greenstalk planter, but I highly recommend these vertical planters. Here’s the link:

Wattle’s piglets are still incredibly cute and I find myself going out in the evening to watch them run and play. Here’s a TikTok of them just last evening.


In the Cool of the Evening #idahopasturepigs #piglets #grandmashomestead #oklahomalife

♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) – Ellen Once Again

I also show them in my latest video, Saving the Best for Last on my homestead update video.

My post is short and sweet this week. Look forward to sharing more with you next week!

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