More New Babies!

The piglets have been darling and I spend several minutes a day out in the pen just observing and enjoying the antics of Wattles nine piglets. Even though aspects of having pigs on the farm have been stressful, these cuties have lightened my heart tremendously.

But, this week, I have more new babies. I now have fifteen Pekin ducklings that hatched and I find ducklings almost as cute as piglets. These little charmers won’t be staying long as I have hatched them for a customer. I’m certainly enjoying while they are here though.

Many of you know that we have custody of our granddaughter, Kinzie. We also have another girl that lives with us during the week so she can attend school here, at least until the end of this year. Because this Wednesday is the last day of school here, the girls and I decided to take the day off and go into Tulsa for the day. It wasn’t all fun as we had to get the car serviced, but that worked out because the girls could do their homework while we waited. We then had lunch at Tally’s and did a little shopping. It was nice to spend the day with two girls I truly enjoy having around.

On Tuesday, the girls had a softball game that was shortened by a thunderstorm that rolled through. It was preceded by sixty mile and hour winds. That wasn’t much fun and we were glad when they finally did call the game.

Back at home, we didn’t get much rain, but the wind took its toll. The chicken tractor that I had the Cornish cross meat birds in had slid sideways across the field, killing one of my birds. As much as I hated that, I was grateful that only one was killed. Tom helped me do some repair work on a wind damaged pig hut before more rain came in. Of course, we did the wind damage repairs in the dark with our headlamps.

Thursday evening, we attempted to catch several roosters and drakes to level out our flocks. We missed only one rooster and drake, but we had a good batch and I was tired. I took them to the processor very early the next morning.

It has rained off and on this week, but most of the rain has been all around us. We have managed to get 7/10ths of an inch of rain here so I think that’s pretty good. Oddly enough, we actually need more.

Except for cute piglet reels and shorts on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, the only thing I got publish this week is a podcast. Episode 30: New Season, New Stresses can be seen here:

It’s been a busy week and I have another one coming up this week too. I pray that you all are doing well and enjoying the life that God has blessed you with. See you next week!

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