Not Quite Spring Yet

I love Spring, although, in many ways Fall is probably more my favorite season. There seem to be more days in the Fall where the weather is steady and nice. The temperatures are more stable along with the weather events. In Spring, the welcomed warmer weather is volatile; torrential rains, hail, tornadoes, twenty degrees one day and eighty the next. Still, I love Eastern Oklahoma in general and glad for the prospect of Spring, even if the temperature was 23 degrees when I did the animal chores this morning.

Yesterday, Tom helped me shovel out the old pine shavings in the brooder to put into the garden area. We built one of those tough sheds and made it into a brooder that seems to work out well, except in the extreme heat of the summer. As the season wears on, I just add more shavings on top of the old and that keeps the smell down. Before starting the new season of chicks, I then shovel out all the old and start over.

I have fifty Cornish cross meat birds due to arrive this week. For small numbers of birds, I start in a brooder made from a large plastic tub. Fifty chicks are too many for that so I’ll put these birds directly into the larger brooder shed. It’s not far from an electrical outlet so heaters and fans can be run as needed. I have to admit that I’m a little excited to get started with this newest batch of chicks for the season.

As of this writing, there are no piglets yet.

Tom and I got a little more done on the bathroom remodel. I believe we are finally done with the dismantling of the bathroom and can start putting things back together the way we want them. “The Dismantling Continues” can be seen here.

There has been a few deaths in our lives recently. Thankfully, no family members here, but some church members and family members of people I follow. This got me to thinking a little more about death and dying. This video can be seen here.

The audio only version is on all podcasts catchers and also in another menu on this website, thanks to my friend, Ken Eash.

I continue to breathe better and recover my strength after a pretty serious bout of bronchitis. I will admit to being a little humiliated to last only five minutes this past Monday in the Zumba class and fifteen minutes in the Morning Burn class on Thursday. I believe I’ll do better this coming week.

I’d better! I’m leaving Friday morning to drive to Camden, Tennessee to attend the Self-Reliance Festival. I’m really excited to be going and soaking up all I can from a huge variety of people with a lot more knowledge about a lot more things than I have. The fortune cookie I opened had an interesting message from me.

Prophetic, I believe!

Here’s my quote of the week:

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” William James

That’s exactly what I hope to accomplish with this upcoming weekend in Tennessee! I’ll keep you posted!

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