Putting Off Some Tough Decisions

I understand that owning animals can come with costs that occasionally end up being more than just infrastructure, and feed. I understood this with each and every animal type I’ve taken on. Still, I’ve tried to keep my costs to a minimum to the best of my ability. In the past five years, I don’t remember ever calling a vet for my chickens, ducks or turkeys when they run into problems.

Until recently, this had been the case for my Idaho pasture pigs. I was heart-broken when my boar, Jimmy Dean, succumbed to the heat late last summer. I sprayed him down with water several times a day, provided shade and did the best I could for him, but the heat was just too much. So, I bought Oscar Mayer. The past few weeks, he has been very stiff and having difficulty getting up and walking.

When Daisy went into her four-day labor, I did have a veterinarian come out to try to help her and I had him look at Oscar at the same time. As you know from my last post, Daisy’s first farrowing ended in tragedy.

The video about Daisy’s farrowing can be seen here.

The veterinarian had me give Oscar anti-inflammatory medication that I was to stuff into marshmallows along with omeprazole (Prilosec) to counter any chance of ulcers from the anti-inflammatory. Several days of this treatment revealed no improvement.

Another suggestion the veterinarian had was to call an animal chiropractor. He felt that Oscar was suffering from back pain and numbness because he was out of adjustment.

A chiropractor? For a pig? I was not ready to consider that option yet. I wasn’t even sure how I’d explain that bill to my husband!

Unfortunately, Oscar did not improve and I called the chiropractor. He found five different places that needed adjusting on Oscar. With every adjustment, Oscar howled like I’d never heard before. Yet, when the adjustment was complete, Oscar’s tail twitched and wagged happily as he ate his afternoon snack.

I was told he’d be sore for a day or two but should improve. It’s been a week and he has not improved. The chiropractor did assure me that this was not a genetic thing. Oscar probably fell off one of the girls after mating and landed awkwardly on his back. Still, Oscar has not improved at all, even toileting in the pig hut because it was just too much for him to get up to go to their corner. I just don’t know what to do for him or about him. Do I spend the money on another adjustment–or have him processed? I really don’t know. It is difficult to watch him being in so much pain though.

My podcast about Oscars adjustment can be seen here

On a much lighter note, I released the video I made about my trip to Camden, Tennessee to participate in the Self-Reliance Festival. See it here.

I have met some wonderful people who genuinely want the best for others, offering help in a variety of ways. I have received excellent advice on how to grow my YouTube channels, growing plants in my region, freeze-drying tips and tricks, and so on. The speakers bring relatable outlooks on their chosen talks and I find myself taking notes on many of them. And…we just have fun!

As this festival continues to grow, I would encourage you to consider attending this fall.

Well, it’s time for me to head off to another of my granddaughter’s softball games. Have a great week!

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