New Year; New Site

It has been an exciting past few months and changes keep coming. I say “bring them on!”
After changing the name of my main YouTube channel from Ellis Family Farms to Grandma’s Homestead, I realized that my website (I’ll bet most of you didn’t even know I had a website!) also needed some dramatic changes.
Unfortunately, my website experience is very limited and therefore production has been very slow.
I decided to hire someone to create the new one for me. I’m glad I did. I will continue to learn to up date it regularly as even more exciting changes come along.
I admit that I have a lot to learn though. This is the second time I’m writing this draft. While writing the first one, a menu page caught my eye and I followed that rabbit hole without saving what I had already written.
It looks like he has set me up with some really cool stuff and I am looking forward to making this a website that will make us all proud… Well, some of us anyway.
Come along with me as I attempt to keep you updated on the Grandma’s Homestead YouTube channel along with my Farm Animal Life YouTube channel. I have even started a podcast called This Grandma’s Life. Right now, it is just on YouTube with the same channel name but I believe I am quickly getting to the point where I can get this podcast out on iTunes, Stitcher, and all the other podcast networks. I even have been invited to some speaking engagements! That is so exciting!
I will continue to write these posts on this site but I am going to start trying to figure out how to collect email addresses so that I can send updates and events straight to your email accounts on occasion. I understand though, too many emails can be maddening. Rest assured that I have no desire to write up too many things to send out to people so it should be a pretty safe bet to add your email address when the time comes.
Let’s learn some stuff together. See ya!

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