Getting Back Into the Groove

Christmas is over; the New Year is no longer new; my granddaughter’s basketball season is over; this website has been wonderfully updated by someone who knows a lot more than I do about that sort of thing.
So, what has kept me from posting here?
This could be considered just a list of excuses, but, here goes.
I’ve been focusing on several things at once and this website got pushed aside temporarily.
The name change from my main YouTube channel from Ellis Family Farms to Grandma’s Homestead was exciting and has definitely felt the right choice to make. It took lots of prayer and consideration–and learning how to do it.
Then, I suddenly decided to start a podcast channel.
I started this Grandma’s Life podcast as live-streams because that is what I knew how to do at the time. The good news is that no one was showing up to the live streams because the learning curve definitely showed. Then, by the time I was figuring that part out, I learned that people who watched the channel couldn’t find my podcast videos because it was not showing up as a video but as a live stream. I quit doing live streams and just started prerecording and that seems to have worked out well.
Then, it took me weeks to figure out how to take just the audio part of those podcasts and learn to submit them to iTunes, Stitcher and the other podcasting platforms.

It has taken some time, but I believe I’m finally getting into the groove. I did have to take a few days off to get over a wicked bout of bronchitis, but I’m on the mend now and the brain is even starting to work again.

I’m sorry the ride is so slow for most of you. It’s painfully slow for me also. But…I seldom quit! Hopefully, you’ll take this slow ride with me!

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