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The Oven Is Back On

Because I was unable to finish incubating eggs for next years’ layer birds and there weren’t enough to start another full batch when I got home, I ordered 25 Dominique layer chicks from Cackle Hatchery. On Wednesday morning, I got the call from the post office to come pick them up. Twenty-eight very cute little

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Rain? In August?

Not only are we getting rain in August, we are getting a lot of rain. I originally was going to tell you about the 1.9 inches of rain we’ve received this past week. But we had a serious rain storm overnight last night receiving 4.75 of rain, making the total 6.65 inches of rain for

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Kids Camp!

For four days last week, my granddaughter, Kinzie and I, worked the kids camp at our church. It’s four days of chaos being skillfully guided by seasoned volunteers who know how to handle the children. I believe the grades are third through sixth with others who belong to the volunteers. Kinzie bravely spent all her

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