A Welcome Break in the Heat

Kinzie is back to playing softball again after her knee injury and actually looking good. I must admit relief. She has never had an injury like this and it hurt her psychologically as well as physically. She was afraid of re-injuring it before it was completely healed. She had told me that her biggest asset was her speed and quickness. If she loses that, it would be very difficult for her. I agreed. She got brave and played, loosening up as the game in Barnsdall progressed and she gained confidence. She is well on the way to recovering completely and we are all grateful.

On the way home from the game, I was talking to Kinzie, reminiscing about the electric power plant that my Dad used to run when I was a kid as we drove past that particular power plant. Apparently, I was speeding and got pulled over. Thankfully, I only got a warning.

I’m still doing physical therapy for my heels and knee. It is difficult and painful, but I’m happy with my therapist as she looks for new ways to “torture” me, as I am definitely improving. I do wonder what new torture she has for me on each upcoming visit though.

I did, however, feel good enough to volunteer to help bag up food to send home to school children via their back pack food program. Part of me struggles with this particular program because I am sending only marginally nutritious food bagged up to schools for them to distribute to the children who need this food. I struggle because, with all its faults, this is still the United States of America and has been a beacon of hope, freedom and plenty for the rest of the world to see. Even with our food stamp and other food programs, we have the need to bag up food to send in a child’s back pack to ensure they have something to eat when they get home. This hurts my heart, but I joyfully bag this food up with other wonderful and fun volunteers, knowing that these children will have at least some food if they need it.

On Wednesday, I hurried around to get some work done before going to a friend’s house to join a few other ladies for a quiet, lazy pool party. For three or four hours, we floated in her swimming pool and chatted. I felt guilty for doing it, but I also knew that I really needed this time to relax. The cool water in the swimming pool actually brought the swelling in my knee down quite a bit for a while and that was a bonus. I was grateful for the opportunity to take this time to truly relax.

Kinzie’s softball team was soundly beaten by Salina the next day, but not because Foyil played poorly. The Salina players were very good at hitting the ball and their fielding skills made it difficult for Kinzie and the other girls to steal bases quite as easily as they was used to doing.

On Friday, I ran into a good friend where I was about to eat some lunch and was invited to join her and her family. We had a good time talking as we enjoyed our huge, excellent meal at the locally owned restaurant, Hugo’s. I could spend an entire day talking with this friend so I try not to connect with her very often–otherwise, I wouldn’t get anything done at all!

On Saturday, I tried to assemble my new scythe and failed miserably. Tom ended up putting it together for me and I have been really pleased with the ease of using this tool that I have wanted for a couple of years. I have lots of plans for the used of the scythe and I am happy to finally have one in my possession.

Well, I have several projects in the works, but I have not published any of them as yet so I do not have any videos to show you this week. One is uploading now so, you know I will have things to show you next week. Until then, have a great week!

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