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The weather has finally started to warm up and I am very glad!  Although our frost date is another month away, it’s possible that the last of mornings in the teens like yesterday morning is over for the season. In fact, it is not supposed to get below freezing overnight for the next ten days!  Then again, this is Oklahoma, so nothing is set in stone. 

Last week, the snow melted and the temperatures rose quickly into the seventies.  That means that I am already behind on getting my garden ready for spring planting. I thought I was going to get out and get some bed prep work done but soon discovered that one of my Idaho Pasture pigs, Daisy, was out and I had to work on their fencing before I could do any gardening.

This Day Did Not Go as Planned can be seen here:

The skirting on our trailer house has been a challenge in this Oklahoma wind.  The tallest part of the skirting is on the north side of the house where the stiff north wind has caused damage in the past.  This time, the skirting came loose from the bottom, pushing outward from the house, so I had to secure the skirting from the outside. It’s not pretty, but I think it will hold. Time will tell.

Plan D! Repairing Skirting, Once Again can be seen here.

I’ve got duck eggs incubating in hopes of selling some ducklings soon.  The grass is starting to green up already and that means mowing season will soon be upon us.  I may not be looking forward to that part of the warmer weather, but I’ll take it over the winter season any time.

Now that my skirting is fixed again, I have more projects inside the trailer house that we bought for $2500 and already live in.  Remodeling a home while living in it can be a challenge but the projects so far have not been very intrusive.  That will change soon, but I’m excited to get started anyway.

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