Softball Season is in High Gear

There were four softball games scheduled this week for my granddaughter, though one was cancelled because a good rain left wet spots on the field. Three games was enough for me anyway. I video the games so it takes time to process the clips after getting them off my camera. I believe I’m finally getting a grip on the new camera this week and that’s been helpful.

I was still able to get a little bit of work done around here between games, though not so much of actual work on the farm.

On Monday, I posted a video on TikTok @theciaellis of me putting the layer chicks into our brooder shed. The little black puff balls are already not a cute as they were when I put them into the brooder.

On Tuesday, I wrote a short skit for the Women of Grace group at our church that meets once a month. “You Are Victorious” is the study focus with the scripture Romans 8:37. This is the second skit of this sort that I’ve written and I’m really enjoying putting them together each month.

On Thursday, I posted another TikTok video of me wrestling with some turkeys I was trying to load up to take to the processor that afternoon. They were very strong and truly kicked my butt. The score when I wrestled them alone was 5-4, turkeys. I had to call a neighbor to come help me and was very grateful he did.

Also on Thursday, I posted on Instagram at Thecia V Dayhoff-Ellis the tail end of a beautiful sunset. I almost got there too late to take that picture. I truly love our sunsets here on the hill.

On Saturday, I posted on YouTube on the Ellis Family Farms channel the video of me setting up a new upright freezer after the epic wrestling match with the turkeys. That video is available right here.

I love to collect quotes and try to memorize a new scripture each week. I make TikTok videos of these quotes and scriptures and posted two of them Saturday also.

There are more softball games this week but I really would like to focus on getting some actual physical work done around here too. The heat has broken, probably for the summer and I feel a little more comfortable to start looking for a replacement for Jimmy Dean, the Idaho Pasture pig that passed during the last heat wave. That death really broke my heart.

I did communicate with the woman I had bought the trio from and she was very understanding, even telling me that an experienced breeder had lost his boar in the same heat wave that year. That helped me to feel better as I felt really terrible about Jimmy Dean’s death, especially since I had been going out and spraying the pigs down in the heat of the day.

Even with the sadness of his death, I am looking forward to another week of work on the farm. See you next week!

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