Piglet Gets a New Home

The first half of the week seemed to be pretty slow news wise, but picked up toward the end of the week. I candled the duck eggs and ended up pulling two more, leaving 24 to finish incubating. I harvest some peas from the garden and was pretty excited about it because I had never had much luck growing peas before. The asparagus is slowing down and I ended up harvesting the last of the season on Saturday. We’ll let the rest grow up and out to be taken down this fall.

I did manage to get a few TikTok videos produced and posted. They can be seen here


On Friday, my granddaughter and I loaded up a boarling piglet in the back of the SUV and drove to meet a buyer for him halfway. Of course, the first thing the piglet did was to poop in his cage. Even though I cleaned up the poop, there was a smell in the car for the duration of the trip. After getting the piglet delivered, we took the cage to a car wash and hosed it out. It helped with the smell quite a bit but the aroma still lingered.

We stopped in the town of Pryor afterwards and took in the Okie Homesteading Expo. Tom and I had gone last year and had made some good connections so I was ready to repeat the results this year. I believe it was a success. I got to spend considerable time with the couple from Grumpy Acres farm. I learned a lot about freeze drying home cooked gourmet foods and in general had a good time talking to them. Kinzie got to do some shopping and that always makes a teen girl happy.

On Saturday, after working the clothing ministry at our church that morning, Tom got some more gardening done. That evening, I noticed that there was some wiggling on one of the electric net fencing and decided to see what was happening. The fence was not turned on but poor Yoda had gotten his ear tag hung in the fence and I had to call Tom to come and help me get him loose. Every time I tried to hold him still so I could untangle him, he squealed and his mom would pitch a fit in the next pen over. Daisy, the female in the fence he was caught in started to be aggressive toward the piglet so I had a challenge on my hands. Tom had to cut the fence and Yoda ambled back to his mother, which made us all happy.

The one video that I got edited and posted was shot a few days earlier. “Moving the Layer Birds After Morning Chores” can be seen here.

Kids camp at our church is happening this coming week and I always volunteer in the kitchen. I like to interact with the kids on a very short term basis but then I need to retreat to the kitchen afterwards. We are all happier when I take this tact. I get to help, the kids get to eat good food and I don’t have feel like I need to teach each and every child how to say “please” and “thank you.”

It’s been dry around here on our farm. There has been rain all around us, but not here. We’re ready for some good rain.

I pray this coming week finds you well and happy. See you next week!

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