Kids Camp!

For four days last week, my granddaughter, Kinzie and I, worked the kids camp at our church. It’s four days of chaos being skillfully guided by seasoned volunteers who know how to handle the children. I believe the grades are third through sixth with others who belong to the volunteers. Kinzie bravely spent all her time with the girls while I got to hide mostly in the kitchen, helping to create three meals and three snacks each day. I was happily just a sous chef while Amanda crafted all the food around the theme of the camp and skillfully sidestepped any food allergies for those who needed substitute’s.

Except for outings each afternoon, camp stayed in the fellowship hall at our church–even overnight. I did not stay over night. Kinzie’s first night was a little rough. She had played two basketball games at a camp that day and her air mattress failed early on. Excited girls giggled and talked late into the night while Kinzie struggled to get comfortable on a deflated mattress. The giggles and talking continued through the rest of camp, but we got another mattress for Kinzie so she could at least be a little more comfortable. Not including, younger participants with their volunteer adults, there were thirty three children registered.

The youth girl volunteers were all three cute blonds (including Kinzie) and the boys swooned over them. Teachers constantly reminded the boys that they were here for camp and not to sweet talk the girls. I was proud of how the girls handled the boys overall.

Each morning, I got up and did chores before heading to the church. After lunch, the crew headed off to some event. Twice to the indoor swimming pool in Claremore, a miniature golf course, and one day to Darrelland. Darrelland is a wonderful place one of the men in our church has built to entertain all who come, especially children. There are two zip lines that cross a beautiful creek on his property. Last count, there are six bridges across the creek, one of them a beautiful covered bridge. His land butts up against a wildlife rescue and deer frequently cross the bridges to come and visit. This doesn’t help Darrell with his huge garden but he has erected a fence that helps in that area. He has built a railroad the kids can ride, swings and a merry-go-round in the design of a May Pole. The kids love it there; the parents do too.

While the campers are off on their excursions, this gave me a chance to run home for a couple of hours to do some housework and some work on the computer. I then returned to the church at 4:00 to prepare for hungry children looking for snacks. After dinner is served, where the husbands join us, I then go home to do evening chores and go to bed in preparation of another day at camp.

The chaos can be overwhelming but I get to hide in the kitchen through much of it and I like it that way. This year, I believe I heard that nine children were led to the Lord! That is amazing! That certainly makes all that work worthwhile.

About the only production I got done was a podcast, ” Homesteading While Volunteering at Kids Camp.”

Kinzie is in the middle of another basketball camp and I will be attending those each Monday for a few weeks. Otherwise, I believe my schedule will be returning to normal again. We’ll see!

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