Working on the Good Days

The weather in Oklahoma is always interesting? Erratic? Variable? All of the above. Spring is not actually here on the calendar, but we have had some absolutely gorgeous spring days, only to be followed by temps dipping below freezing again for a few days. Some days are calm and even foggy, only to be followed by gale force winds where I am struggling to keep things from blowing into the next pasture. But, deep down, I truly love eastern Oklahoma.

On February 16, the wind was from the north, blowing from 15 to 25 miles and hour. The skirting on the north side of the house gave way (again) several weeks ago and Tom put up plywood, propping them in place with cinder blocks and 2×4 lumber. That worked for a while, but got dislodged on this particularly windy day and below-freezing temperatures were in the forecast, so Tom re-secured the plywood when he got home from work. It went a long way toward keeping our pipes from freezing on that very elevated end of the house.

I really had missed working at the clothing ministry at our church but I struggle with being able to stand on concrete floors, even before my foot surgery and I really felt I couldn’t do the work while either in a cast or boot. Saturday, I decided to try it and see how long I would last. It was good to be back with those who volunteer and with a few of my special patrons that I enjoy. There is one special needs teen that exudes enthusiastic energy and I really enjoy talking to him, and sometimes he even helps a little. Unfortunately, my foot only lasted about an hour and I went home to put it up and watch college basketball.

On Sunday the 18th, my mother turned 82 years old. I tried to call her but she has days where she can’t figure out how to use the phone and she didn’t answer. I’m grateful that she is staying with family members and they took her out to lunch. I had posted a picture they had sent me of Mom and I posted it on Facebook. I was truly touched by the number of people who wished my mother a happy birthday. It brings tears to my eyes even as I write this.

The next day, I posted the video “Transitioning to Vlogging.” It can be seen here:

After a few days of cold weather, the temperature jumped to a high of 72 degrees on Tuesday. It is supposed to stay above freezing for at least the next ten days, so I put the potted plants back outside on the front porch. I also scythed some of the garden area out and fed that grass to all my animals. It was very good to work outside in that glorious weather. The next day, I worked in the vineyard, then determined that I had overworked my foot and had to quit for the day. Bummer.

Kinzie is a first-year student at the culinary arts class in Vo-Tech school. I was very proud to learn that she had been chosen to be a participant in a competition that is usually reserved for second- and third-year students. (I know, grandma bragging). She left for Oklahoma City Thursday morning, very nervous about competing against more experienced cooks. Her nervousness was not eased when her phone was one of those that lost service in the AT&T crash. All in all, she did well in competition, had a good time–and her phone service returned. I’m very grateful that she was able to participate in this competition. I am very proud of her.

On Friday, I stepped in a small hole while doing chores. It wasn’t much but it certainly was painful enough to set me back several days. I spent the rest of the day and most of the weekend with my foot up and on ice. I could tell that I had not done significant damage to my healing foot that might make me feel like I needed to go to the doctor, but I was swollen, sore and discouraged.

I was able to rally some on Saturday and we got some work done. Tom worked the ground for a couple of grow beds and I got some yellow onion sets transplanted. I also got some of the next pig paddock set up in hopes of getting them moved soon. They certainly need it. I didn’t last long, though and was soon inside putting my foot up again.

Sunday afternoon, Kinzie had a couple of scrimmage softball games. Of course, I was there with my video camera and cheering for her all the way. That is something I can do, no matter how my foot feels.

On Monday, I finished as much as I could with the paddock set-up for the pigs. I’ll need to steal some of the posts from the old paddock to complete the perimeter. I also broke down the plastic interior of a tote that we had used for a pig hut when my first breeding trio were piglets. I rolled the aluminum caging around the back of the house to save it for storing firewood in the future. The video for that project can be seen here:

The weather stayed nice for several days and then the temperature plummeted. The high temperature on Tuesday was 81 degrees. Overnight, it dropped to 25 degrees with a wind chill of 12. I did not know until the day before that it was going to do that and had to scramble to get plants brought back inside and to make other arrangements to keep my animals safe in such a dramatic change in weather. The next afternoon, it thawed out and it looked like the onion sets had survived .

All the cages that protect the asparagus beds and the asparagus beds in the vineyard are all cleared. Well, the beds in the vineyard have the tall stuff cut down, but I need to weed and do a little cultivating. We are eagerly awaiting the first of the asparagus to poke up through the ground.

It’s another beautiful, warm though windy day today. I think I’ll find something to do outside. See you next time!

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