I Tried to Hit the Floor Running

While I was in Florida helping my parents, I was able to get some work done, but not necessarily work that you would see. I did get the blog posts, a couple of podcasts and videos done but I also got a few of Kinzie’s sports videos edited and to family members. Although I am still very far behind on those, it felt good to get a few done and off my plate.

On my way to Florida, we discovered that my brother had bought my tickets in my maiden name–one I had not used since 1980. This caused some problems on getting on the airplane but I made it and was also advised on how to make it easier to return home. Apparently, my brother was not allowed to make name changes so I was instructed to provide proof of my maiden name and proof of my marriage.

Kinzie, at my request, mailed the original copy of my birth certificate and my marriage license. It seems that the schools don’t teach students how to fill out an envelope for mailing and she only put the address I had provided for her. No name; no care of; no return address. I was grateful that the documents arrived. I was now prepared to prove who I was so I could return home.

At the airport, I saw a woman with a relatively large dog strapped to her back and another woman checking a large, cardboard check. I couldn’t see the amount or what it was for, but I was highly interested. I walked through a very long line for security and had to be part of a group of three to have a drug dog sniff us. As I approached the actual security desk, I was prepared with my drivers license and my documentation. The man looked at my ID and asked me to look him in the eye and passed me right through. Apparently, he was not concerned about my name discrepancy.

I was confused but was quickly being shuffled to the next area, fully prepared to pull out my laptop and take off my shoes. This was not necessary. Still being ushered through, I messed everything up by forgetting to empty my pockets–and finding that I had not taken my pocket knife out of my pocket in advance. I could see security confer about the pocket knife but they soon decided that the forgetful old lady was not a threat and only told me I couldn’t have it back. I was embarrassed at my mistake and glad to finally be through security.

Then, as I had suspected would happen because of my arriving flight to Florida, my return flight was delayed. Sigh…Nearly three hours after the flight was supposed to board, I was finally in the air and on my way home.

Tom and Kinzie really stepped up to the plate in an effort to keep things running smoothly in my absence. Nothing died, but I still had a lot of work waiting on me.

My first morning home, Wattles and the piglets were out enjoying the grass, bowls of dog food and cat food. I worked diligently on setting up the new electric fence, hoping the new setup would keep the pigs where they belong. It did not. On top of that, a fair number of my birds were also out, roaming in the tall grass. Finding duck and chicken eggs was nearly impossible. I continued to work on the pig fence for a couple more days, but the results were poor…until I discovered that they were where they belonged, for a change. And then again the next feeding time. How don’t know how long that will last but I am grateful for it.

It has been very hot and I believe that has contributed to the low egg count along with some of my hens starting to molt. Because I do not have upcoming chicks to help with the egg count eventually, I am at a disadvantage because I no longer have enough eggs to service my customers nor enough to start a new batch to hatch. I may look for some pullets to help me out this year.

While in Florida, I tried to walk on the beach as much as possible in hopes of helping the tendonitis in my Achilles heel and maybe exercise my knee that has been swollen for three weeks. The walks did help some. I went to the gym Friday in an effort to get back into my routine. My performance was ineffective as I had done little for three weeks. Unfortunately, my knee swelled even larger.

This is when I ended up crashing. I could barely walk and my fatigue was so deep, I spent the next three days resting, even napping, trying to get over my trip to Florida and my injuries. I felt worthless, but apparently I needed it.

Today, I feel much better. I did not go to the gym, but I am getting some work done around the house. Even if I still have my injuries, my energy has recovered enough to have a productive day.

Except for some TikTok and Instagram reels, the only other thing I have published is this video.

Softball season is just about to start in full swing and I admit that I am looking forward to it. Today’s game was rained out, but another is scheduled for tomorrow.

I’m glad to be home with my family and animals. See you next week!

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