Birthday Week

Kinzie, the granddaughter we are raising, turned sixteen Thursday. You know how it goes though. We were busy on her actual birthday, family members wanted to take her to dinner another day, and her party was on still another. That’s fine. She deserves it. My heart squeezes in my chest a little though to think about how much she is growing up on us. I certainly don’t want to think about her driving without me being in the car with her!

Monday was our last home softball game, therefore it was senior night. Our only senior was the manager. She did an excellent job all season long keeping track of the scorebook, the girls and whatever else she did in her job. She and her expertise will certainly be missed.

On Tuesday. I finally started work on clearing out in in front of the house. The shower stall and vanity top for our bathroom remodel has been sitting in the yard for too long and the weeds growing around them are tall. Plus, the skirting (yes, the skirting again) has come undone behind the bathroom fixtures. I have a plan to make a more permanent fix to the skirting and will use the opportunity to put down some weed cloth at the same time. First things first, get the place cleaned up.

That evening, I got to participate in the Fireside Freedom podcast where we discuss whether the hype before the events we attend are all they appear to be. In short, yes! I did not get it on live stream for my channel but here is the link for you to see it yourself. I love chatting with this group of people. They are getting things done!

I posted a video that I had recorded a few weeks ago of some ducklings in the brooder. Most were a few days old therefore old enough to have a little curiosity in their little world. The camera I set in the brooder got a lot of attention. See it here.

Kinzie’s birthday was Thursday but we spent the whole day in Porum playing in the district tournament against first, Quapaw and then Porum. We lost both games and that wrapped up the softball season for the year. My husband, Tom, graduated in Porum so he took the day off to help cheer the team on. We all stopped at Golden Corral in Muskogee for dinner and the team sang “Happy Birthday” to Kinzie as she smiled in embarrassment at the attention in the restaurant. At least we were in the back room!

Friday evening, Kinzie’s Mom, Aunt and Uncle met us as the local Japanese restaurant for a small birthday celebration. It was nice for Kinzie to spend some time with her mother.

Saturday, we set up the canopy, table and grill and feasted on chicken kabobs, potato salad, deviled eggs and chips and salsa, the complete menu at Kinzie’s request. We baked a nice chocolate cake and decorated it in a Sponge Bob Square Pants theme, also at her request. Kinzie invited a few friends and my youngest son and his wife with baby Ivy got to join us. The weather was perfect and we had a nice time.

Now, it is time for me to buckle down and get a lot of work done this week. I’d still like to get some more work done on the skirting project but I also MUST get some candles poured up and my talk zeroed in before I head to Camden, Tennessee this next weekend for the Self-Reliant Festival October 1-2. Get your tickets here.


Next week’s post will likely be late as I will be driving back from Tennessee. See you next week!

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